Violaine d'Harcourt is a lighting designer born in Paris in 1987. Since childhood, she has developed
             her artistic sensibility through drawing, sculpture and modeling. She then studied design and interior
             architecture at Camondo in Paris and then at Scuola Politecnica in Milan.

             After experiences in design production at Jacopo Foggini studio in Milano, Federico Churba
             in Buenos Aires and Galerie Kreo in Paris, she started to create her own lightings, convinced
             that a thoughtfully designed light can provide the extra soul needed in any living space.

             Made of blown glass, turned wood, ceramic, marble and limestone, her lightings are produced
             between France and Portugal. Their manufacture is issued from a right balance between crafts-
             manship and industry, guaranteeing her clients quality and durability.


             She lives in Lisbon since 2021 and works between Portugal and France.
             [email protected]